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How to Get the Haircut You Want / Response to Positive and Negative Reviews

As a barbershop in Victoria, BC, we are very in tune with the needs of our client, and for most there is always some stress when having to describe the haircut you want. You know the feeling… you’re on the way over and you want to try something new and you aren’t quite sure how to describe it. You feel as though you don’t speak the barber “language” that will clearly convey what exactly you want in your cut. Well no more, gentlemen. Let’s eliminate that anxious feeling and teach you how to  get the haircut for YOU!                                                                                                                                                                                                   


   I want to begin by saying i Sincerely  Thank you to those of you who have written a positive review. I truely appreciate your business and support to my business always. I have a passion for this business and i love what i do. Part of the reason i got into business was to give back to the community in different ways such as Charity .Giving haircuts to long term care patients at Jubilee hospital which i decided was a necessity in this location. 

   Response to Negative Reviews

      I apologize to those who did not enjoy there experience at After shave. If you are unhappy with the service you received please discuss it with me directly. I guarantee my work which means your welcome to visit me within two to three business days to make it right according to your standards. I take all comments seriously as i am the business and my reputation is vital to its success in part. I work 6 days a week sometimes 10 hr days to build a successful business where clients can come and have a positive experience. I learn from the negative and i make a concious effort to improve from your comments. Thank you , sincerly

Explain Your Hair

How To Ask For A Haircut - Victoria BC BarberIf trying a new barbershop or a new barber, they will not necessarily understand the nature of your hair. Give the barber a quick breakdown on what they are dealing with. Tell them the last time you got a cut so they understand the growth rate of your hair. Explain any unique behaviors of your hair (eg. does it puff up or lie flat). Identify things that may bother you about your hair, like cowlicks. Take a moment to describe your lifestyle, the type of work you do, etc.  A good barber will consider all of these when getting ready to cut and will be thankful for the guidance.

Bring Some Photos Along

It sounds a bit strange, we know, but the best way to convey the cut you want to your barber is to show them! If the right cut happens to show up in a magazine, cut out the pic or snap a photo of it with your phone and bring it along. Your barber can then advise you as to how it will look on you, and if it’s a fit for your hair than he will make the style form to your head. Offering a visual representation of the style you want is the best way to convey to your barber what you are looking for.

Ask For Recommendations

Your barber knows hair, pure and simple. If you have tried a few haircuts in the past and aren’t quite satisfied with the results, then feel free to ask your barber for guidance. They will be more than happy to tell you which style might best suit your hair. Remember… if you aren’t that thrilled about the suggestion, you can always go with your old standby, but it is always good to know your options and to ask an expert.

These are helpful tips to help you get the haircut you want. We at After Shave Barber love to communicate with our clients and offer suggestions. So come on in and try these tips out!